Husband. Parent. Executive Leader.

rocky.pngOur Family
Husband and Father

Just over ten years ago, Megan and I moved to East Grand Rapids from Kalamazoo, choosing East Grand Rapids because of its dedication to quality schools, local businesses and strong community values.  Megan teaches first fifth grade at Wealthy Elementary School, where we have the pleasure of knowing many of our Ward 3 neighbors.  Our daughters both attend Lakeside, where the teachers and staff have provided a nurturing environment for their growth. We are thrilled to be sending our girls to the best public schools in the area and our roots in EGR run deep.


Executive Leadership
Chief Information Officer & Interim Dean of Online Education

540700_632237640018_1769674383_n.jpgMy role at Davenport University encompasses both fiscal and operational leadership.  I manage budgets, supervise a staff of more than 60 professionals, as well as several hundred online faculty.  I take great pride in our academic quality, student satisfaction rates, a graduation rate that has more than doubled in 5 years, and an IT organization with a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Information Technology is a mutli-million dollar endeavour that covers our statewide network of campuses, providing a platform for innovation in higher education, as well as a foundation for students preparing for careers in the 21st century.  

  • Online education reaches 60% of our students, over 2,000 of whom are outside our campus service areas.  Satisfaction rates for our online students often eclipse those of our in-seat students and academic outcomes are equivalent to our in-seat offerings.

I've made a career out of leading organizations through challenges, good times, and everything in between.  My role on the EGR City Commission allows me to use those skills in support of our community.

EGR Public Schools
Parent, Volunteer, Advocate

I walk my daughters to school nearly every day, using the streets and sidewalks that make our community strong.  Our belief in the merits of strong public schools, coupled with great community values led us to East GR originally and it keeps us here today. Our community enjoys a very unique partnership between city and schools, where shared responsibility for green-space and facilities allows us to share expenses (saving money for other services we all enjoy).

I have made, and will continue to make, the strong partnership between schools and city a priority.  Our approach in East Grand Rapids saves money, improves service and does it without any loss of local control or oversight.  In my next four years, we will pursue further cost-savings through partnership, examining other opportunities to provide improved quality of life without increased spending.  It's already working, but I know we can do even more.