Chandler_2015May04_0259-vert-crop-experiment.jpgCommission Experience

I have the pleasure of working for Davenport University, the second-largest not-for-profit university in Michigan.  I manage budgets where cost-containment is always a priority, and I have made a career out of decision-making, even in the most trying times. I've brought that same fiscal approach to East Grand Rapids.  We have operated in the black, despite a falling millage rate, for all four years of my work on the Commission. 

  • A Balanced Budget:  A balanced budget is more than just critical, it's the only way to ensure long-term stability for our community.  Every expenditure represents tax dollars from a resident of the city (myself included).  I take that responsibility very seriously.   Roughly 14 mills of your overall property tax go to the city for operations.  That number is lower than it has been at any point in the past 30 years and we continue to operate the community we've all grown to expect.

  • Infrastructure Improvements:  In my four years, we've replaced water mains from the 1920s, channel culvert from the 1930s, built the Reeds Lake Trail, and improved the Collins Park boat launch.  

  • Shared Services:  East Grand Rapids remains a leader in shared services.  By partnering with neighboring communities, we have reduced costs and qualified for State revenue sharing.  Our city is a leader in this critical practice.  [More Information]

  • Independent Leadership: Commissioners are asked to make difficult decisions on a regular basis.  In four years on the commission I have repeatedly demonstrated my thoughtful, practical approach to decision making.  We won't agree on every issue, and I welcome rational, respectful discourse. You will know where I stand, and that stance will be backed up by data, logic and practical analysis.  My formula for good governance is based in collaboration between residents and your city commission, coming together to make sound decisions for the benefit of the city as a whole.