T-Shirt Photos #m4egr

T-Shirt Photos #m4egr

imagejpeg_0.jpgShow your support for our campaign by buying a t-shirt and snapping some photos!  Our Facebook/Instragram photo game is a fun way for you to support the campaign.  Together we can keep the momentum rolling!

  • STEP 1: Order a t-shirt for $20.  That'll cover the cost of your shirt (about $10) and one t-shirt for our volunteers.  It's helpful, and you get a cool shirt too!

  • STEP 2: Put on your shirt (obviously) and visit a landmark (anywhere.... EGR, Rwanda, San Francisco or anywhere in between).

  • STEP 3: Post a photo to Instagram (#m4egr in the description) or on our Facebook page

  • STEP 4: We've got something special in mind for winners of furthest from EGR, youngest person, oldest person, most interesting landmark and best EGR spirit.


T-Shirt Order Form:

Get a shirt. Make a difference!

$25.00 Adult-XXL (Unisex)
$20.00 Adult-XL (Unisex)
$20.00 Adult-L (Unisex)
$20.00 Adult-S (Unisex)
$20.00 Adult-M (Unisex)
$15.00 Youth-S
$15.00 Youth-L
$15.00 Youth-M